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Disclaimer: In the following I will be giving the artist and writers in question way more credit than they probably deserve as the actual thought behind some of the choices was probably as simple as "google, pull up some pictures of the sky." Also these images are being analyzed without thinking too much about actual future events for the characters so when I say “such and such might be a sign of stuff and things” I am aware that in many cases stuff and things never happen.

Panel 1: This panel is long shot of Clark and Kon flying, they are in the middle ground with a large bush, in background is a farm house, in the foreground is a ravine. The grass in the foreground is a pale green and as it retreats in to background it becomes yellow. The black and brown ravine cuts through green part of the grass. Brown is a color associated with dying as it is the color of withering plants, especially in this context as it is a swath of dead land cutting through other wise rich green fields. Kon is poised directly above the ravine it almost appears he is going to land in it. Here it seems to be a dark or troubled path he is or is going to be heading down. In the background of all of this is a farm house which we can assume is likely to be the Kent's. The ravine Kon appears to heading down leads him away from them. If we go with the mythology of comics, the Kents and their farm represent all the values of America: Hard work, family, etc. However it is also located among the yellow grass (yellow is often a sign of sickness). This either be a sign of it's place as an oasis of good in a sea of moral sickness or it could be a sign that it is part of what is causing Kon's issues.

I'll take a break from the scenery to discuss Kon and Clark. Clark is flying behind and well above Kon, Kon's head is in fact level with Clark's groin. Said groin has a dark shadow over it. Clark's arms are crossed and he is leaning forwards towards Kon, Kon is also leaning forwards but away from Clark. Do to the placement of these two bodies one gets the feeling that Kon is being pushed towards the ravine by Clark's mere presence. Though it is not clearly shown the ravine does run between them representing a rift or beginning of one.

Panel 2: This panel has Clark standing directly behind Kon, his hand on Kon's shoulder. Odd considering the direction of the shadows in the last panel, Clark's right side is deeply in shadow here. This may represent ulterior motives or hidden intentions. In contrast the shadowing of Kon's face is light and barely noticeable. Clark is still flying above Kon, in fact in both the earlier page and this one Clark is almost always positioned higher than Kon. This is generally a sign of domination (check out Jim's explanation of sexy batman) or at least greater status. As for body language, Kon is turning away from Clark, a sign of rejection, however he is looking back towards him which generally a sign of acknowledgment. He is also in the classic “thinker” pose of hand on chin. I would say this position indicates a sense of confusion in Kon either he unsure about his feelings at the moment, or he is rejecting either Clark's attempt at comfort or Clark's message while accepting the other gesture.

Panel 3: this is extreme close up of Kon's face, it mostly acts as an establishing shot to indicated we are meant to be reading this scene from Kon's point of view.

Panel 4: Following Panel three this is mid-level close-up of Clark. This is likely meant to establish how Kon sees Clark. Clark is looking down on the viewer, from above. Indicating that Kon sees Clark as being superior to him. Clark's arms are crossed, a guarded gesture and not at all welcoming or friendly. It is also a pose often associated with cold anger. We can't see Clark's very well, which represents an unknown quality, in this case likely meant to indicate Kon's lack of understanding of Clark's point of view or what is going on his mind.

Panel 5: This panel has both Clark and Kon in it. In this Clark is turned towards on his arm outstretched
to encompass Kon. His cape follows the curve of his arm ushering Kon in closer. Kon however is not making reciprocal gestures. His arms and both pointing away from Clark and body is turned slightly away.

Panel 6: This panel has Clark standing in foreground, he runs off three out of four edges of the panel, this give the impression of larger than life, and overpowering figure, particularly compared to Kon whose head is barely over the halfway point. Putting Clark in the foreground also allows him to be visually covering much of Kon's body. In the context of this panel we can read this as a symbol of Clark imposing his personality over Kon's, symbolized by the glasses.

Sidenote: Glasses in literature often symbolize the character's lack of ability to clearly see in both a physical and metaphorical way. They are an object placed between the character and the world obscuring his/her ability to clearly comprehend a situation. Or they can be the reverse, receiving glasses can be a symbol of a character's new ability to see clearly. In this case as Kon doesn't need glasses we can assume the former meaning.

Panel 7: Kon looks over his shoulder at the viewer. The main focus here is the glasses which Clark placed on his face last panel. The glasses are not clear, which means they play to rule of indicating Kon's inability to see clearly. But taking the action of the full page into account, I would guess here the glasses play a slightly more complex role. Kon desires clarity as seen in his dislike of wearing glasses, however Clark, or whatever authority figure he is representing wishes to keep Kon from seeing something clearly. It can also be a symbol of rebellion and domination. The glasses represent a way in which Clark can control Kon by controlling his ability to see the world clearly and a means of keeping him in line. As well as the previous panel's imposing of the Clark Kent persona onto Kon. In contrast it might also represent a means in which Clark keeps himself from seeing Kon clearly. As I discussed earlier being able to see another's eyes is a signifier of being able to see their point of view. By covering Kon's eyes, Clark is refusing to see Kon's point of view.
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I'm back from a whirlwind trip around Japan over the course of 10 days I managed to visit:


Sekigahara: Is like a history scavenger hunt. You rent a bike and ride around town looking around flags where various daimyos' camps were which are marked by flags with said daimyo's seal. It is so much fun.

Tokishi: is where some friends live, but there isn't much else there.

Tagata/Ogata: PENIS. no really, Tagata is the shrine for fertility and it's full of penises. Ogata the female counterpart is sadly lacking in vagina.

Inuyama: Is way cool. It one of only 12 castle with the original structure, which really really cool, and also cold for some reason.

Kochi: hometown of Ryoma Sakamoto, history nerd moment of joy. Went to the memorial museum and the aquarium and Kochi castle (which is original just like Inuyama).

Himeji: this is like the Versailles of Japan and wow it's pretty.

Osaka: went to the aquarium and saw a giant shark. Ate Takoyaki and for some reason it really is better in Osaka than anywhere else.

Nara: I don't really appreciate temple the way I should.

Kyoto: Bakumatsu YAY! Went to Teradaya (where the Satsuma massacre took place), Nishi-hondanji (where the Shinsengumi lived after Mibu), Ikedaya (it's actually just a stone marker now, but once was an inn where lots of people died), The East Gate of the Imperial Palace (where the Choshu rebellion fought), and Yagi House (where the Shinsengumi lived and Serizawa was murdered). In case you haven't noticed the theme here is someone died here.

Ise: EDO WONDERLAND! that's right Edo-themed amusement park. It's awesome.

Iga: NINJAS! Iga is the home of Ninjas.

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My first question to the world at large....Really?  I look Italian?  First I thought it was that japanese all white people kinda look the same thing.  Besides I work in an Italian restaurant so not a terrible guess....but well white people ITALIAN PEOPLE ask me, in Italian where I'm from.  I stare blankly and explain I'm from America.  Which is folIowed by "USO" or "Your Kidding" which ever language they speak "You don't American"  Kinda want to smack them.  What do they think a white American looks like?  Of course I look kinda European my ancestors are European so are the majority of Americans. 

2 new staff members they're really nice but I don't know their names yet....

I think the quiet "oh god it's a girl....oh god she's not japanese...oh god she spoke to me"  guy has been won over with the cunning use of kingdom hearts ^.^

The other one is really nice and speaks English and really tries to help me learn which is really nice but kinda frustrating when I just want to zone and not pay attention.

Sota-san and Fuyuko do this to me all the time by the way.  They'll be talking about something to each other and they can tell (I think) that I'm not really listening so they end some sentences with "...ne, Keito?" cause they like to see me look surprised and go 'eh?'

Also I was trying to conjagate backwards from itta to ikanai, but I made a mistake so now Nagasaki has no people or animals in it. (nagasaki ni inai)

There was a really cute old couple at the restaurant last night.  It was their anniversary
and they both called a head to ask for the special plate.  And got drunk cause that's what people do at dinner here.

There were also three women who wanted to speak to me forever about japanese history and why I was in japan and what I like and why and who and what I wrote my senior paper on......it was really hard......and I was tired and getting past the good point of being saturated in the language where I'm understanding thing easy and thinking in jJapanese to the "they're are sounds coming from your mouth, I think i might understand them but I cannot comprehend them. please stop talking to me."  

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 I started working at a Italian restuarant

I have learned the difference between cafe latte and cappicino, how the milk is heated.  That is it.  that is why they taste exactly the same.  I also learned japanese people and italians love  <i>LOVE</i> sugar in their coffee.  LOVE

Laura (maybe just in katakana pronunciation)

If you think that had anything to do with you oh world you are mistaken I`m simply making sure I`ve got everyones name...not quite yet just one name missing though.

My mom is coming tomorrow, oh dear oh my.  My room is still a mess...so you might ask what I am doing here.  well.........................stalling of course

Mei-chan, if you come to eat at my restuarant  i`ll tell you best day so can see my devilishly attractive co-worker

I like working only the mornings 3 time a week at gaba it`s less stressful and as I can think of it as more of a sublimant and not my bread money it`s much more enjoyable.

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So i was watching the old x-men cartoon and well I think maybe pyro and avalanche might be gay.

Let me give some reasons
in the first scene we meet them, they seem just friends but by the end of the episode (after being thrashed by the x-men) they have clearly realized how much they mean to one another, spend quite some time looking for each other in very un-villain like fashion.  In later episodes they are still together and using teamwork, again not very villain like.
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 day three of learning how to make a cappaccino, and no progress. 
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New journal, again, really one day I will get these things going.

Right now the internet at my place is broken totally fried and I`m typing this on a japanese keyboard in a very very swanky manga kissaten.  I might start coming here just for the swank.

Yesterday I started a new job as a waitress in a Italian restuarant.  It`s really hard.  Not the work so much though there is a lot of that, but the communicating is difficult.  However I shall try very hard to learn everyones name and do my best at work.

now the interesting stuff the people

yesterday was the girls day, Fuyu-chan, Kao-chan, and woman`s who name I forgot.
Today was boys day, and I don`t remember anybody`s name.
Everyone is really nice and I can get the gist of what they are saying and what they want me to do ok, sometimes in japanese mostly with gestures included and sometimes in English.  I still don`t have a set scheduale but I do have this saterday off.

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